Catch-Up! (b4b s2 – e8 to e15)

In radio show on July 27, 2012 at 3:38 pm

It’s been summer, and we haven’t been using our computers very much. Here is a mass update of the last several episodes of b4b!

b4b s2-e14 – July 26 – Ben Stephenson
Hear Here:

Download Here:
Ben Stephenson (b4b – s2.e14)

b4b s2-e13 – July 19 – andrea bennett
Hear Here:

Download Here:
andrea bennett (b4b – s2.e13)

b4b s2-e12 – July 12 – Matt Soltys
Hear Here:

Download Here:
Matt Soltys (b4b – s2.e12)

b4b s2-e11 – July 5 – Noir Episode with Guy Goldston
Hear Here:

Download Here:
Noir with Guy (b4b – s2.e11)

b4b s2-e10 – June 28 – Eden Mills ED Andrew Simpson
Hear Here:

Download Here:
Andrew Simpson (b4b – s2.e10)

b4b s2-e9 – June 21 – Hodgepodge (intro to Chris Hedges’ work)
Hear Here:

Download Here:
Hedges Hodgepodge(b4b – s2.e9)

b4b s2-e8 – June 14 – Matthew Stadler Lecture
Hear Here:

Download Here:
Matthew Stadler Lecture(b4b – s2.e8)

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