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Dan Wells (Biblioasis) & Anakana Schofield (b4b – s2.e3)

In radio show on May 10, 2012 at 1:53 pm

Malarky is one of the bravest, most blackly funny novels I’ve read in a long time.”
Dan Wells of Biblioasis

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Dan Wells (Biblioasis) & Anakana Schofield (b4b – s2.e3)

May 10th
Maurice Sendak died last week. His newest book, Bumble-Ardy, is the story of a pig who has never had a birthday party, but, at his ninth birthday, his Aunt Adeline allows him to go hog wild… (!?). And did you read Dave Eggers’ The Wild Things? No? Well, it really fleshes out the story of Max and his visit to where the wild things are. RIP, Maurice Sendak.

And what about the Toronto Comic Arts Festival? Can you possibly offer any real excuse for missing such a mind blowing line up of guests and tablers? Seth, Marc Bell, Chester Brown, Kate Beaton, Jeff Smith, Bryan Lee O’Malley….

Features: Dan Wells & Anakana Schofield
Dan Wells is the publisher and editor of Biblioasis, a small press based in Emeryville, On. They publish “beautifully crafted” editions of literary fiction, poetry, essays, and works in translation. Sometimes, if you catch Dan at a festival or special event, you might even get yer mitts on his handbound, limited edition books. Dan joins us in “fighting form” after a night of fundraising in T.O. to talk about his new batch of books. He says, “this season may be our strongest yet, in terms of literary merit, across the board.” And he segues to Anakana Schofield, calling her novel Malarky, “a tale of an Irish farm wife, turned sexual outlaw.”

Anakana Schofield is an Irish-Canadian writer living in Vancouver who is perhaps more comfortable as a reviewer for the Times Literary Supplement than as a novelist. And yet her first book, Malarky, is making waves. We talk to her about creating characters, facing madness, double widowhood, finding inspiration in the street and the workplace.

Things we talked about:

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Carrie Snyder & Kate McQuaid (anansi) (b4b – s2.e2)

In radio show on May 10, 2012 at 1:52 pm

b4b s2.e2 – Carrie Snyder & Kate McQuaid (Anansi)


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